Eagle Express Tuition Plan is available for eligible students through Summer 2019.  The new Save and Soar Tuition Plan will be available for eligible students beginning in Fall 2019.

The Eagle Express Plan includes:

  • A fixed rate tuition plan which is available for 4 years (12 consecutive semesters that occur after the date of the student’s initial enrollment). One or more summer terms occurring in the same summer is considered a semester. This plan locks in total academic costs until a student graduates or 4 years from initial enrollment in the plan, whichever comes first.
  • An incentive for students who complete their degrees and meet eligibility requirements.

The Eagle Express plan is available to undergraduate students who are Texas residents for tuition purposes and who are:

  • New freshmen or transfer students

Eligible new freshmen and transfer students are allowed a one-time opportunity to opt in to the Eagle Express plan during the first term they enroll at UNT.

Eagle Express Tuition

The total academic cost for tuition* has increased 3.9% between academic years 2014-2018 on the Traditional Plan. On the Eagle Express Tuition Plan, the tuition rate will be locked in for 4 years or graduation, whichever comes first. Course fees are locked in at $195 per semester, whereas they vary by course under the Traditional Tuition Plan.

*UNT Board approved tuition and fees have not been established for Fall 2018 and beyond.

Eagle Express Tuition Plan Annual Cost

The students’ total academic cost based on enrollment in 15 credits per term is approximately $10,673 per year (for those who opted in to the plan during the Fall 2014-Summer 2015 period) until their final year. NOTE: Taking courses in the summer rather than the long semesters will result in a higher total cost.

Total Academic Cost for Final Year if Student Completes Degree and Meets All Requirements:

  • Graduation in up to 4 years with 0 -12 transfer credits: $6,673*
  • Graduation in up to 3 years with 13-30 transfer credits: $7,673*
  • Graduation in up to 2 years with 31-60 transfer credits: $8,673*

*Includes student’s incentive (see chart below) & tuition rebate of $1,000

Students who do not graduate at the end of 4 years are automatically moved to the Traditional Tuition plan effective for the next enrollment term.

If students receive financial aid and/or scholarships, their Cost of Attendance (COA) will be reviewed and aid adjusted accordingly based on the incentive amount.

Traditional Tuition and Mandatory Fee Plan (Fall and Spring Terms)

Approximate total academic cost is based on enrollment in 15 credit hours per term beginning Fall 2014.

  • Year 1: $10,094
  • Year 2: $10,478
  • Year 3: $10,878
  • Year 4: $11,293

Total cost on the Traditional Plan for this period is $42,744.

Total cost on the Eagle Express Plan for this period is $38,691.

Summer Enrollment

Students enrolling during the summer semester will be charged the same Eagle Express tuition rates and the course fee amount will be $195, regardless of the number of hours taken during the summer.  Tuition and fee charts for the summer semester are posted online here

Eagle Express Graduation Incentive

Students who enroll in Eagle Express and who complete their bachelor’s degree at UNT according to the following eligibility requirements qualify for an incentive in the form of a reduced tuition rate for the student’s final 15 hours (typically your last semester). Eligibility for the graduation incentive is based upon how many hours a student completes at UNT and timeliness of graduation.

New Freshman

Eligibility for the graduation incentive for new freshmen is based on hours taken at UNT. Any college credit hours you earned before high school graduation do not count against new freshmen. For example, if you’re a 2015 high school graduate with 40 AP and/or dual credit hours, you would still be eligible for the $3,000 graduation incentive.

**Transfer credit only includes hours transferred to UNT that were taken after high school graduation (new freshman only).
Transfer Credits** Eagle Express Graduation Incentive Amount To qualify, student must graduate in no more than
12 hours or fewer $3,000 4 years
13-30 hours $2,000 3 years
31-60 hours $1,000 2 years

Transfer Students

Eligibility for the graduation incentive for transfer students is based on the number of hours taken at UNT. The number of credits transferred to UNT determines the incentive amount and the required graduation timeframe. Students with greater than 60 hours will likely not be eligible for the graduation incentive, but would still benefit from the reduced tuition rate if they graduate in the alloted time frame.

Learn more about the Eagle Express Tuition Plan on the Eagle Express website.

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