Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees are assessed for university-related services available to students.

  • Student Service Fee
    $13.41 per hour
    Student service fees are assessed in proportion to the number of semester credit hours for which a student registers to cover the cost of student services that directly involve or benefit students, including, but not limited to, recreational activities, artist and lecture series, cultural entertainment series, debating and oratorical activities and student government.
  • Intercollegiate Athletics Fee
    $16.25 per hour
    This fee is assessed in proportion to the number of semester credit hours for which a student registers to cover the cost of UNT athletics programs, capped at 15 hours.
  • Recreational Facility Fee
    $85.78 Fall/Spring
    Prorated in Summer sessions 
    A fixed Recreational Facility fee is collected from each enrolled student for the purpose of constructing and operating the Recreational Facility on campus.
  • Environmental Services Fee
    $5.00 Fall/Spring Only
    The Environmental Services Fee is used to fund environmentally related projects/activities on campus such as energy and water conservation, waste reduction and recycling, sustainable campus dining and student projects. The fee is waived for students taking all of their courses off campus and is not charged for summer sessions.
  • Student Union Fee 
    $167.00 Fall/Spring
    Prorated in Summer sessions 
    A fixed Student Union fee is collected from each enrolled student for the purpose of operating, maintaining, improving and equipping the Student Union. Activities financed by the student union fee are limited to those in which the entire student body is eligible to participate.
  • Technology Use Fee
    $13.00 per hour 
    Technology use fees are collected in proportion to the number of credit hours for which a student registers to defray costs associated with the addition of instructional equipment in classrooms and student computer laboratories, development of the degree audit system and instruction-related activities in the Computing Center and classroom technology support.
  • Medical Services Fee 
    $66.85 Fall/Spring 
    Prorated in Summer sessions 
    The fixed medical services fee is collected from each enrolled student to operate, maintain, improve, and equip the Student Health and Wellness Center.  Click here for more information.
  • Library Use Fee 
    $21.00 per hour
    The library use fee is collected in proportion to the number of credit hours for which a student registers to support the development and maintenance of Library collections, as well as to provide expanded operating hours and other services to meet student needs.
  • Undergraduate Advising Fee 
    $6.00 per hour
    The undergraduate advising fee supports the advising function for undergraduate courses.
  • Transportation Fee 
    $3.50 per hour 
    The transportation fee supports the shuttle bus systems that transports students to, and around, various locations on campus.
  • International Education Fee
    $4.00 Fall/Spring 
    Prorated in Summer sessions 
    A fixed international education fee is collected from each enrolled student to be used in support of an international education financial aid fund. This fund allows an equal opportunity for all students to participate in student exchange and study abroad programs.
  • Publication Fee 
    $20.00 Fall/Spring 
    Prorated in Summer sessions 
    A fixed publication fee is collected from each enrolled student to defray costs associated with publication and distribution of schedules of classes, catalogs, tuition and fee registers and other publications available to all students.
  • International Student Fee 
    $115.00 per semester
    A fixed international student fee is charged to all non-immigrant visa students for each term in which they enroll in UNT.
  • Master's Advising Fee
    $49.50 Fall/Spring/Summer 
    Applies to students in the Colleges of Engineering; Health & Public Service; Merchandising, Hospitality and Tourism; Education; Information; as well as programs offered by the Toulouse Graduate School (Advanced Data Analytics, Interdisciplinary Studies, graduate non-degree seeking and graduate preparation programs).


Instructional Fees 

Instructional fees vary by course and fall into the following two fee categories. Please note that for billing purposes, these fee categories are grouped together and billed as one instructional fee. 

  • Academic Fees - Academic Fees are assessed at the college/school level based on the estimated costs of goods and services related to instruction at the college/school level.  Academic fees are charged to cover consumable supplies, syllabi, tests, classroom guest lecturers, salaries and wages of employees who assist in the preparation, distribution, and supply of classroom materials and some equipment purchases related directly to student participation in the classroom.
  • Laboratory Fees - Laboratory fees are only applicable to courses which require students to register for a laboratory section. Laboratory fees are collected to cover the cost of materials and supplies used by students in the laboratory. The laboratory fee may not be less than $2 nor more than $30 for any one semester or summer term.

Please see below for a listing of academic fees by College:

*Fees listed are charged per hour

Specific Program Fees

      • College of Business Master's students are charged a Master's Program Fee. The fee is a flat $500.00 per semester. The purpose of the fee is to provide enhanced support services to College of Business master's students.
      • College of Information Ph.D. Learning Technology online distance delivered students are charged a LT Distributed Doctoral Program Fee. The fee is $892.00 per course. The purpose of the fee is to provide enhanced support services.
      • College of Education - Educator Preparation Program
        The Texas Education Agency - Educator Preparation Program has implemented a $35 per admitted candidate accountability system for it's technology fee. This fee is collected by the College of Education and paid directly to the state.
      • Honors College - students are charged an Honors Program Fee. The fee is a flat $25.00 per semester. The purpose of the fee is to provide support services to students in the Honors College.
      • Audiology & Speech-Language graduate students are charged a Program Fee. This fee is $100 per semester credit hour. The purpose of this fee is to provide enhanced student support services to Audiology & Speech-Language graduate students.

Out-of-State-Teaching Fee (OSTF)

        • Non-resident students living outside of Texas while taking UNT courses are charged an Out-of-State Teaching Fee in lieu of tuition and instructional fees.  This fee must cover the cost of instruction and is set by each academic department annually. The OSTF rates for Fall 2021-Summer 2022 can be found here.

Coursera BAAS Program

        • Students enrolled in the Coursera BAAS program will be charged $330 per semester credit hour:
          • $50 per semester credit hour - Statutory Tuition - Coursera
          • $280 per semester credit hour - Board Designated Tuition - Coursera

* The following fees are waived if students are only enrolled in courses at locations other than the Denton campus: Property Deposit, Medical Service Fee, Student Union Fee, Recreational Facility Fee, Transportation Fee, Environmental Services Fee and Intercollegiate Athletics Fee.

Other Fees

      • Admission Application Fee 
        A $75.00 non-refundable application fee for undergraduate and graduate students.
      • Late Application Fee 
        $90 for undergraduate students.
      • Property Damage Deposit
        All students, except those enrolled in only off-campus courses or covered by other specific waivers, must pay a $10.00 General Property Deposit at the time of first registering at the university. The deposit may be forfeited to cover any outstanding financial obligation at the university. The fee will otherwise be refunded to the student upon withdrawal or graduation from the university. If the deposit has not been refunded to the student within 4 years of the last enrollment, it will be forfeited as specified by state law.
      • Late Registration Fee 
        A flat fee of $75.00 will be charged to students registering at any time during the designated late registration period.
      • Credit & Debit Processing Service Fee
        2.7% service fee assessed on all payments made by credit and debit card. There is no service fee for paying by eCheck.
      • Credit by Exam Fee 
        UNT awards undergraduate college credit on the basis of local and national examinations, subject to general limitations. Examinations are offered by several UNT departments. A $53.00 fee is collected from those students who take credit by examination at UNT.
      • University Center at Dallas Fee 
        Students enrolling for upper-division undergraduate courses or graduate courses offered by the partner universities of the university Center at Dallas, may enroll at their home institution for courses offered by the other UCD universities. UCD is located in downtown Dallas. A $15.00 per hour fee is collected from students who are enrolled at UCD.
      • Collin Higher Education Center Fee
        Through Collin College, UNT offers one bachelor’s degree, 2 master’s degrees and 2 doctoral degrees at the Collin Higher Education Center. A $30.00 per hour fee is collected for students enrolled in UNT classes there.
      • International Student Health Insurance
        Health insurance is required for international students and will be assessed automatically at the time of registration for classes. For further information, please contact the UNT Student Health and Wellness Center.
      • Optional Practical Training Fee All F-1 international students who choose to apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT), will be required to pay the OPT Case Management Fee. This fee is separate from the USCIS application fee. This fee will be used to subsidize the costs associated with the mandatory case management for students on Optional Practical Training after graduation.
             12 Month Post-Completion OPT: $100
             17 Month OPT STEM Extension: $100
      • Distance Education Fee
        A distance education fee of $35 per semester credit hour will be assessed to all distance education courses to support and enhance instructional design, management, delivery, maintenance, coaching and technology for distance education courses. The fee will be capped at $315 per semester.
      • School of Journalism Field Trip Fee The School of Journalism faculty led field trip fee of $1,345.29 is assessed to students who participate in a trip to New York to study the city’s advertising industry. The fee covers lodging and limited group meals (Effective Fall 2018).
      • Parking Fees
      • Child Development Laboratory
      • Proficiency Exam Fees
        Student Use of English: $15.00
        Foreign Language Exam (Graduate): $15.00
      • GED Exam (Cash Only)
      • Placement Service Fee (for 6 months/former students)
      • Returned Check Service Charge
      • Installment Plan Fee
      • Late Payment Fee
      • Replacement ID Card
      • Online Transcript Fee
      • Graduation and Regalia Fees 
        Late Filing Fee: $25.00 
        Teacher Certification: $75.00 
        Microfilm Master's/Doctorate: $25.00 
        Degree candidates who are planning to attend the commencement exercise must acquire the appropriate regalia from the UNT Bookstore.