• Authorization to Release Education Records (Instructions)
  • Post-Cancellation Class Reinstatement Request Form (eForm)
  • Save and Soar Tuition Plan Appeal Form (PDF)
  • Excessive Hours Hardship Appeal (eForm)
  • Senate Bill 1210 Appeal Form (PDF)
  • Faculty Staff Scholarship (eForm) - NOTE: Please read the criteria before submitting.
  • Faculty Staff Scholarship for Dependents (eForm) - NOTE: The dependent student must initiate and submit the eForm.  The form will be sent to the Faculty/Staff employee for approval.
  • IRS Form W-9S: Request for Student's or Borrower's Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (eForm)
  • Peace Officer Exemption (eForm)
  • Senior Citizen Exemption (eForm)
  • Clinical Preceptors Exemption (eForm)
  • Student Financial Agreement: UNT Financial Obligation Agreement and Consent to do Business Electronically (PDF)
  • Request to Opt Out of 1098-T Electronic Delivery (PDF)
  • Texas Firefighter Exemption (eForm)
  • UNT Student Record Change Request Form (PDF)
  • Departmental Request for Campus Fees or Refund Processing (eForm)

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You can download a free pdf reader here.